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Entry #11

anatomy crash course

2009-10-09 01:37:51 by hashbrown

first off you should go buy the ng 2010 calendar, but dont worry nobody will see this because noone remembers my existence....yet. after reading some reviews from old tutorials i made i think i might come back guns blazing and become the tutorial guy for kids who already know the basics. woooo!

tonight im going to stay up as late as i can memorizing all basic anatomy all in one night! this doesnt just include names but their basic shapes and where to find them on the figure. its totally gonna mess up my drawings tomorrow in class because ill be sleep deprived but HELL ill have to learn sometime.

wish me luck, all the best


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2009-10-09 23:40:16

can't wait for the tutorials! :)


2009-10-15 13:22:43

we have the same skin color.


2009-12-27 17:47:07

you do fine im shure, good luck!


2017-11-08 23:52:53

long time no see