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anatomy crash course

2009-10-09 01:37:51 by hashbrown

first off you should go buy the ng 2010 calendar, but dont worry nobody will see this because noone remembers my existence....yet. after reading some reviews from old tutorials i made i think i might come back guns blazing and become the tutorial guy for kids who already know the basics. woooo!

tonight im going to stay up as late as i can memorizing all basic anatomy all in one night! this doesnt just include names but their basic shapes and where to find them on the figure. its totally gonna mess up my drawings tomorrow in class because ill be sleep deprived but HELL ill have to learn sometime.

wish me luck, all the best

Well anyone who knows me knows that anything i say i might do is a maybe (or in most cases no) but i would really like to do a piece for the haloween contest as part of my recent coming back to the site as a "reg". unfortunetly i probably dont have enough time soo im contemplating whether to make something to the best of my ability or to just make something shitty. You never know what might happen....

and to celebrate my attempt to not be lazy heres a pumpkin i drew 4 years ago </irony>

Haloween flash submition.....maybe?

what the effff

2009-02-16 12:00:52 by hashbrown

i just found out nanoko was a girl. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?! she goes by annabelle kennedy and makes awesome games now. this is so weiird

comic con?

2008-07-06 16:59:22 by hashbrown

doubt it. i dont think ill be able to make it to comic con this year ):, sorry guys. but if i can ill definetally let you know

sooo hey

2008-04-27 18:09:39 by hashbrown

so i havent done much lately but then again do i ever do anything? well ive been working out and bulking up, i know its not much in the ewaorld but atleast im sticking to something! i started in febuary and now i can beat girls in arm wrestling!! omg i know im still totally weak but im gonna get stronger :P its fun to work out. anyways ive been telling myself i have to work on shit but i never do so i think im gonna give up even more computer time so i can do homework from now on, and in my free time instead of browsing the web ill do some traditional animation stuff. kthnxbai

Learning to draw anatomy

2008-01-18 20:20:51 by hashbrown

Hey guys, its been a while since my first post. No news on anything new coming, but i will eventually get something out to yall. Im currently trying to learn anatomy and human figures, how to draw more realistic things. Any recommendations for books??


2007-10-01 21:36:10 by hashbrown

I have been slacking off and need to work on my movie, i havent submitted a movie to the newgrounds portal in a VERY long time. i need motivation, and nothing motivates me more than people sending me a shitload of pms to get to work. i have already nailed the character design and just need to work for about 1 month to do work.

EDIT: WOW!!! i really only expected 6 pms when i logged in today, special thanks to the criminal duder for putting in about 10x more effort than ncessary, this is pretty god damn awesome! im really motivated now and im going to start working asap on a christmas short movie. ill give a special thanks to all that have spammed me so far :D

One O'Clock Jump 2

2007-08-06 13:25:43 by hashbrown

Hey guys im almost done with my part for One O'Clock Jump 2 which is pretty exciting. For thoughs of you who dont know what it is a Deathmatch for animators, basically you pick a part you want and compete against other animators who want the same part. The firs Collab got aired on G4, so here i am to present my almost completed part :P
Tom n Jerry like chase

Finally Pimped my page

2007-07-31 02:14:54 by hashbrown

on a lighter note ive pimped my page. Ive finally managed to pump out a working game engine and will soon be releasing some shittily ased game, but hey you know in 3 years i should be proficient :P. so be expecting a mediocre game sooooon

Im Going to COMIC CON!!!!!

2007-07-26 19:44:47 by hashbrown

ill be there tommorow so if your going give me a shout